SeaWorld Orlando: Park Ticket

SeaWorld Orlando: Park Ticket

Explore the water world at SeaWorld Orlando, the interactive park where you are part of every action. Combine your adventure with a visit to Aquatica, Busch Gardens Tampa or Adventure Island, with options of two, three or unlimited visits.

About this activity

  • Valid 1 day - 6 months
  • Printed vouchers only
  • Immediate confirmation
  • Accessibility
  • Cancellation policy: This activity is not refundable for cancellation

The experience

  • Create your own adventure with the available park options
  • Learn more about the effort to preserve marine life
  • Feed a ray, venture into roller coasters, get soaked in toboggans and much more
  • Enjoy more than 30 attractions and shows
  • Get face to face with fascinating marine mammals


Delight yourself with the wonders of SeaWorld Orlando, a place where the aquatic world comes to life like no other. With combo ticket options available, also enjoy the thrills of Aquatica Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa and Adventure Island.

Connect with the marine world in magnificent SeaWorld: watch killer whales jump on the One Ocean show, venture like lightning on the Manta roller coaster, experience Antarctica’s thrilling and refreshing adventures at the Empire of the Penguin attraction, and take part in an epic sea turtle trip on TurtleTrek.

Marvel at the power and grace of killer whales at the Shamu Show One Ocean show. In it, the killer whales jump into the sky and do choreographies that squirt water. Take a seat in the Splash Zone and get submerged views of the whales by moving their fins, which will ensure you a refreshing waterbath.

If you enjoy strong emotions, the Manta roller coaster tilts you parallel to the ground and throws you in a twisted stretch from an inverted vertical drop. In Antarctica: The Empire of the Penguin attraction takes you into an ethereal past with icy views on a walk without trails that ends in a penguin display. The absence of glass allows you to get closer to these charming animals and get to know their ideal and icy conditions.

Aquatica Orlando
From high-speed toboggans and thrilling wave pools to the tranquil beaches and habitat of notable animals that are the hallmarks of SeaWorld, Aquatica Orlando, SeaWorld’s water park, offers attractions for all ages and interests. This unique park is home to some of the world’s most exciting water toys, with 38 toboggans, rivers and lagoons, and 84,000 square metres of white sand beaches.

Busch Gardens Tampa
Take your family to the Busch Gardens Tampa, a place where fun comes naturally. Everyone can enjoy this incomparable mix of animal observation, captivating shows and exciting attractions.

Race like a leopard aboard the Cheetah Hunt roller coaster or plummet to the ground at 96km/h at Falcon’s Fury, America’s tallest freefall tower.

Adventure Island
Take your family to this tropical oasis where the fun never ends. Enjoy the exciting attractions, toboggans and fountains that enchant everyone. Slide through the creepy tubes of the Caribbean Corkscrew, face the 65-metre-high GulfScream descent or bet a race to the Riptide’s finishing point.

Young children can also enjoy the adventures of Fabian’s Funport, with fountains, splash zones and toboggans perfect for summer fun.



  • Ticket to SeaWorld Orlando
  • More than 30 attractions and shows - Incredible face-to-face experiences with marine mammals
  • Free transfer (unless Busch Gardens is chosen)
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Souvenirs
  • Parking (except if the option of unlimited visits is chosen)

Meeting point

The meeting point varies according to the reserved option.

Important information

  • Enjoy two, three or unlimited visits to these extraordinary parks
  • Valid for the chosen number of visits to any of the following parks: SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Adventure Island Tampa Bay.
  • Visits can be made to the same park or any combination of different parks listed above
  • The first visit is valid for 1 year after purchase
  • All visits must be made within 6 months of the first visit
  • Early purchase only; discounts are not offered in parks
  • Free round-trip transportation between Orlando and Tampa is available. For information on search locations and to book transportation, please contact your local operator.
  • Please note that two- or three-visit packages are not available to UK and Irish residents.

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