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Ana’s Kitchen

Home The longer the trip to the U.S., the more we will miss home, and the food from Brazil is one of the first things that tourists miss when they are in Orlando, especially families with children. Orlando, which is already accustomed to receiving many Brazilian families, is full of options of Brazilian restaurants, some…

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Panera Bread

Home From time to time I take a fright when I discover that I haven’t written about a topic here at VPD and today was one of those days. How come I haven’t talked about Panera Bread, a place I go on virtually every trip and like it so much? It’s absurd and I couldn’t…

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Olive Garden

Home Olive Garden is already well known to Brazilians, unlike many other restaurants that we have talked about here on the site. With several units spread throughout Orlando, the Olive Garden has excellent food for a very cheap price. That combination we love! The menu is basically Italian-American, but there you will find everything: meat,…

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